Belledine's Barbecue Sauce and Seasonings

Spare Ribs

Finger Licking Spare Ribs


  • 1 Slab of Spare Ribs
  • 1 Cup Belledines Honey Bee with a Sting BBQ Sauce
  • 1 Bottle of Russian Salad Dressing
  • 1 Can of Cranberry Sauce w/ Berries
  • 1 pkg Onion Soup Mix


  1. Bake ribs (salt & pepper) for 1 hour covered at 350 degrees. Mix together BBQ sauce, salad dressing, cranberry sauce and onion mix. Pour over ribs and bake uncovered for 1-1½ hours.
  2. Also great with all are other flavors of BBQ sauce. Try Surprise and Fire for an added kick.